Templar Tumble Slot Review: RTP 96.25% 

templar tumble slot review

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In this Templar Tumble slot review, the Knights Templar was an Order of medieval Catholic warrior monks that helped protect European pilgrims visiting the Holy Land, among others. 

Since then, they have spawned numerous conspiracy theories as well as blockbusters such as Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and the highly acclaimed Assassin’s Creed trilogy. 

Order’s reach has now moved to the world of online slots, thanks to Relax Gaming‘s Templar Tumble Slot

General of Templar Tumble Slot Review

Here’s our take on the Templar Tumble slot game. 

Design and Theme

The 6×7 grid is positioned at the entrance of a large stone temple for the Templar Tumble slot review, with tiles blocking the path to the innermost chamber. Blockers are removed by landing consecutive fall wins, and you must clear them all before kneeling in front of a wide-open bonus round box. 

Relax has dropped the entire Megaways license this time around, unlike the very comparable Temple Tumble Slot. That’s unnecessary in our opinion, and they should instead trademark the tile-blocking mechanic as their own distinct version. 

Game Features 

The Tumbling Reels mechanic is at the heart of the game, and the winning symbols will explode to make way for more winning chances to fall from above. 

If you are lucky, the process will continue as long as you get a new winning combination, which can lead to a long cascading session. 

Wagering Options 

On each spin for the Templar Tumble slot review, you will see a different tile blocker setting, and all tile blockers close to the exploding winning symbol will also be removed. This creates extra space to form winning combinations, increasing the number of paylines to a maximum of 117,649 ways to win. 

Wild Symbol 

The wild symbol can only appear on reels 2 through 6, and it replaces all other paying symbols. The Mystery Reveal feature will be triggered by any wilds added to the mix. 3 to 8 tile barriers will then turn into Mystery Symbols. 

Mystery symbol 

The Mystery Symbols in Templar Tumble slot review remain a mystery until the current drop sequence is completed, at which point they all reveal a randomly selected matching payout symbol. Mystery Symbols can also turn into coins, awarding instant cash prizes ranging from 1 to 1,000 times your stake. 

Free Spins 

To activate the Bonus Round, you must remove all block tiles in one falling order. This gives you six free spins in the shrine’s holiest places. On each free spin, the grid is now free of tile blocks, giving you 117,649 different chances of winning. 

Extra Free Spins 

In the bonus round, a wild landing will turn 3 to 6 random symbols into Mystery Symbols. At the end of the fall sequence, this is converted back into a matching payout symbol or cash coin. The Mystery Symbol can also award extra free spins, while non-UK players can take advantage of the Bonus Purchase option, which pays out 80 times their bet. 

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Templar Tumble Slot Experience 200 Rounds 

We won a huge amount in the base game and chose to use that money to play the bonus rounds for the Templar Tumble slot review. Free spins were bought at 1:10 a.m. into the spotlight film, which this time wasn’t very long. 

The bonus rounds are mostly dead spins until the fifth spin when things start to pick up. By pressing the play button, you can see everything. 

Summary Of The Review 

Templar Tumble Slot is a sharp and well-crafted follow-up to Relax Gaming’s Temple Tumble Megaways, and the two games have a lot in common apart from their titles. 

The bonus round is also triggered by the tile-blocker removal mechanic, but the number of possible ways of winning has more than doubled. Relax isn’t bothered by the Megaways license this time around, which is a little confusing. 

The Mystery Symbols feature adds a little extra fun to the base game while also helping you clear tiles. To enter the 6 spin bonus round, you must first clear the grid completely. 

However, instead of a multiplier symbol, you will receive a Mystery symbol here, and you should expect lots of free spins to die. However, the feature has the potential to explode into long cascades, resulting in hefty payouts. Then, what do you think of our Templar Tumble slot review?

If you’re interested in playing the Templar Tumble Slot, it’s now available on various Relax Gaming-affiliated betting sites. You can use keywords like Templar Tumble Slot, Templar Tumble demo, situs judi slot online Templar Tumble and others to find it on Google.

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